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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Illustrated Handbook of Food Protein ChemistryMratinković, Aleksandar
2018ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK OF FUTURE LIBRARY TECHNOLOGYMratinković, Aleksandar; Fouda, Hazem Shawky; Piestun, Dan
2020Illustrated Handbook of GeoarchaeologyMratinković, Aleksandar
2020Illustrated Handbook of Landscape ArchitectureMratinković, Aleksandar
2018ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK OF LIBRARY MANAGEMENT AND AUTOMATIONMratinković, Aleksandar; Piestun, Dan; Fouda, Hazem Shawky
2020Illustrated Handbook of MechanochemistryMratinković, Aleksandar
2018Illustrated Handbook of Multimedia TechnologiesMratinković, Aleksandar
2021Illustrated Handbook of NeurochemistryMratinković, Aleksandar
2018Illustrated Handbook of Nuclear & High Energy PhysicsMratinković, Aleksandar
2021Illustrated Handbook of Nutrition in Early LifeMratinković, Aleksandar
2019Illustrated Handbook of Particle Swarm OptimisationMratinković, Aleksandar
2020Illustrated Handbook of PetrochemistryMratinković, Aleksandar
2021Illustrated Handbook of Poultry Production in Hot ClimatesMratinković, Aleksandar
2018Illustrated Handbook of Quantum MechanicsMratinković, Aleksandar
2020Illustrated Handbook of SonochemistryMratinković, Aleksandar
2020Illustrated Handbook of Sports PedagogyMratinković, Aleksandar
2020Illustrated Handbook of STEM Education in the 21st CenturyMratinković, Aleksandar
2021Illustrated Handbook of StereochemistryMratinković, Aleksandar
2018Illustrated Handbook of ThermodynamicsMratinković, Aleksandar
2021Illustrated Handbook of Veterinary AllergyMratinković, Aleksandar